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BUTTHOLE - Self-TitledBack in January of 2016, I stumbled on the...

BUTTHOLE - Self-Titled

Back in January of 2016, I stumbled on the Soundcloud of a Nashville band calling themselves Butthole and offering a Secret EP of three songs. I was eager to hear the potential trainwreck of a band and not disappointed when it turned out they had some very promising chops within those three songs.

Now it seems that they’ve released their debut, self-titled, album and it’s goddamn delightful. The songs are catchy, the guitars are big and the lyrics are fun - particularly when spouting off about embarrassing childhood crushes on Wayne Brady. Look beyond the band name (it’s still funny to me) and embrace some music by a group obviously having a good time.

Makeup and Vanity Set - Trackless (Original Soundtrack)I could...

Makeup and Vanity Set - Trackless (Original Soundtrack)

I could write a rambling essay on the kinds of imagery that Makeup and Vanity Set music typically conjures in my mind. Suffice to say, it’s usually extremely dark and would augment the best nightmare. 

That being said, the most recent release is… different. It’s still dark and creepy feeling but, overall, it feels like a conscious effort to create a less oppressive vibe. Maybe this is because the album serves as a soundtrack to an indie game of the same name and is intentionally paying homage to the likes of Myst or Zork, 80′s exploratory games. Or maybe we’re seeing ole MAVS branch into some new aural territories. I’m enjoying the ride and look forward to what new sounds may lie ahead.

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