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Savoy Motel “Western Version Boogie”I’m just now seeing the...

Savoy Motel “Western Version Boogie”

I’m just now seeing the latest video from Savoy Motel and their track “Western Version Boogie” (this is what happens when you start a VEVO account no one is subscribed to). Unlike any of the previous videos, this one really feels like a band having fun. Lots of hidden smirks, ridiculous guitar licks, bongo playing and camera whips throughout make it hard to look away. Maybe that’s all part of their master plan but I’m fine with falling for it. These guys got the goods.

COIN “I Don’t Wanna Dance”I was fully prepared to loathe the...

COIN “I Don’t Wanna Dance”

I was fully prepared to loathe the latest from COIN, assuming that the band was an overly-aesthetic-with-no-substance undertaking. My skepticism was fully charged. But having watched the video for “I Don’t Wanna Dance”, I stand fully corrected. Sure, there are some haircuts in there that you could be justifiably enraged by but the song is upbeat goodness cut with the tiniest bit of melancholy. The band is outfitted in Nudie Suits and explores portions of Nashville that often go largely neglected (are they inside the General Jackson? Please say yes). 

TLDR; despite what you might think, the latest from COIN is pleasant on the ears and eyes.

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